Indian Motorcycle is proud to show its 2017 line-up to a European audience at the INTERMOT show.

There are now nine models in the line-up, the newest being the Scout Sixty, which was announced in November 2015 at EICMA.

The headline addition for 2017 is the Ride Command touchscreen infotainment system that will come as standard on the Chieftain and the Roadmaster.

2017 models

Scout Sixty
Scout Sixty can now be made A2 licence compliant after feedback from dealerships throughout Europe that demand from young riders for Scout Sixty was high. Dealers can now fit a restricting kit before delivery to the customer. Colours remain the same as last year.

Thunder Black
Pearl White
Indian Motorcycle Red

Scout is available in seven colour schemes for 2017 and for the very first time is available in two-tones. One is Indian Motorcycle Red over Black and one is Brilliant Blue over Pearl White with Fireball Red Pinstripe (a nod to the colours of the United States flag). On the two-tone models, the Indian Scout logo on the fuel tank is replaced by an Indian headdress logo.

Thunder Black
Thunder Black Smoke
Burgundy Metallic
Silver Smoke
Ivory Cream NEW

Brilliant Blue over Pearl White with Fireball Red pinstripe NEW
Indian Motorcycle Red over Black NEW

Chief Classic
The Chief Classic was only available in Pearl White last year, but it now comes in a new two-tone scheme – Burgundy Metallic over Thunder Black.

Pearl White
Burgundy Metallic over Thunder Black NEW

Chief Vintage
The Chief Vintage comes in two new striking two-tone colours for 2017.

Thunder Black
Willow Green over Ivory Cream
Indian Red over Ivory Cream NEW
Springfield Blue over Ivory Cream NEW

Chief Dark Horse

Remains the same as last year.

Springfield is now available in two-tone colours for the first time – Steel Grey over Burgundy Metallic with Silver Stripe and Springfield Blue Metallic over Star Silver.

Indian Motorcycle Red
Thunder Black
Steel Grey over Burgundy Metallic with Silver Stripe NEW
Springfield Blue Metallic over Star Silver NEW

Chieftain comes in five colours this year – two of them new. It also has the new Ride Command touchscreen as standard.

Black Pearl
Silver Smoke
White Smoke NEW
Star Silver over Thunder Black
Wildfire Red over Thunder Black NEW

Chieftain Dark Horse – remains the same as last year, but won’t come with Ride Command like other Chieftain models do.


There are five colours to choose from and it now comes with Ride Command as standard.

With a tan leather seat:
Willow Green over Ivory Cream NEW

With a black seat:
Burgundy Metallic NEW
Thunder Black
Thunder Black over Ivory Cream
Steel Grey over Thunder Black


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