Forged S2E3 - Ronna Norén Part 1
Forged S2E3 - Ronna Norén Part 1
Forged S2E3- Ronna Norén Part 1
Forged S2E3 - Ronna Norén Part 1 - CH-FR
Forged S2E3 - Ronna Norén Part 1
Forged S2E3 - Ronna Norén Part 1
Forged S2E3 - Ronna Norén Part 1
Forged S2E3 - Ronna Norén Part 1
Forged S2E3 - Ronna Norén Part 1
Forged S2E3 - Ronna Norén Part 1

Indian Motorcycle brings the six-part Forged video series to Europe with the third episode introducing Ronna Norén of Unique Custom Cycles in Sweden as the last of three renowned builders creating unique customs around the all-new Indian Scout platform.

“This is the first time we’re taking Forged outside of the United States, so it’s actually a really big thing for us,” said Ola Stenegärd, Director of Industrial Design for Indian Motorcycle. “We were looking for a very well-established builder, someone who could build any kind of style. In short, the Roland Sands of Europe. In my mind there was only one – that’s Ronna and Unique Custom Cycles.”

Stenegärd became aware of Norén in 1987 when his builds started to appear on the cover of motorcycle magazines, changing the scene forever. Seeing Norén and his club, Plebs Choppers, taking awards at all the major shows, Stenegärd joined Plebs Choppers in 1994 and was witness to Unique Custom Cycles being born in the clubhouse.

Like many revered builders, Norén started early building his first chopper when he was just 14 years old. More than 40 years later, Norén still loves what he does. Known as a true builder, Norén’s unique creations start with a motor on the table around which the rest of the bike takes form.

“I think my style is nothing special, but it’s clean,” said Norén. “It is important that the build is timeless and not a trend.”

Inspiration for this build comes from Stan Dishong, a custom builder from the fifties who really saw the Chopper craze coming, setting up Stan’s Cycle shop to make parts and feed the chopper scene. It is also thought that he invented the first drag bike slick, convincing a tyre company to vulcanise a flat strip of rubber onto an old tyre.

Focussing in on Dishong’s 1937 Indian Scout drag bike, Norén has cut the Scout’s steel tube frame above the engine fabricating new sections to stretch and raise the front end and bring Dishong’s spirit to life in a 1960s New York chopper style. With plans for longer forks, 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels, Norén has been reshaping the tank by cutting it into four pieces, moving the fuel pump, and fabricating the tank around the modified frame and air filter.

Hosted by fellow builder Roland Sands, the Forged series highlights how customizers were always in the minds of Indian Motorcycle’s design and engineering teams when developing the all-new Indian Scout. With a new steel tube frame plus easily removed and replaced metal bodywork, the Indian Scout is much easier to work with making it a perfect canvas for self-expression.

The final three episodes of the Forged video series will reveal the finished builds, each rooted in a historical figure, machine, or era of inspiration taken from Scout’s storied 100+ year history. Subscribe to the Indian Motorcycle YouTube channel to watch episodes as they are released:

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VIDEO: Forged Episode 3: Ronna Norén Part 1


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